100% of your donation goes directly towards lifesaving projects around the world!

Yep, 100%...Which gives you the peace of mind that your money is ACTUALLY changing someone’s life. Nothing would be possible without your support, which is why you will be able to follow and share the journey with us every step of the way.

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  • $5Can buy a new bucket for a lady to carry and safely store her clean water in
  • $10Buys a family essential seeds to grow fruits / vegetables which they can grow using the water we provide
  • $20Provides clean water from a manual pump for an entire school for one day
  • $50Provides clean water from a manual pump for a village for a whole week
  • $100Is the average cost to carry out pump maintenance to ensure sustainability for clean water in the future
  • $200Is the average costs to carry out ground water geological surveys - so we can find CLEAN WATER!
  • $500Will provide a water harvesting system to provide clean water to over 200 families
Meet: Taurai

Taurai has become a good friend to us since meeting him in 2012. He lives at a community center in Domboshawa, Zimbabwe with his wife Pretty, and his baby boy as well as his brother Tafadzwa + his family. Taurai runs the Community Centre, which assists people in the surrounding community with disabilities, or disabled children. He manages all workshops/programs & assists in setting up kitchen gardens.  Taurai is passionate about sustainable living – including farming + agriculture. His vision is to educate communities about the benefits of permaculture, to reduce the use of expensive chemicals, using free, organic and effective alternatives.

Unfortunately, in Zimbabwe, most farmers depend on chemicals to grow their food, due to lack of knowledge. Taurai is in the process of creating programs at various schools to implement a new & sustainable way of growing vegetables, which not only feeds families but creates income.

Taurai is an inspiration to us and is our always reliable right-hand man when in Zimbabwe.