100% of your donation goes directly towards lifesaving projects around the world!

Yep, 100%...Which gives you the peace of mind that your money is ACTUALLY changing someone’s life. Nothing would be possible without your support, which is why you will be able to follow and share the journey with us every step of the way.

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  • $5Can buy a new bucket for a lady to carry and safely store her clean water in
  • $10Buys a family essential seeds to grow fruits / vegetables which they can grow using the water we provide
  • $20Provides clean water from a manual pump for an entire school for one day
  • $50Provides clean water from a manual pump for a village for a whole week
  • $100Is the average cost to carry out pump maintenance to ensure sustainability for clean water in the future
  • $200Is the average costs to carry out ground water geological surveys - so we can find CLEAN WATER!
  • $500Will provide a water harvesting system to provide clean water to over 200 families
Meet: Mary

Meet Mary Mungadze- the African Mother to everyone.

We were introduced to Mary in 2014. A man contacted us with his concern of a lady he had heard about that looks after Orphaned children and elderly people out in the rural areas, and how they don’t have access to clean water. The situation was a critical one, with them drinking from a shallow, bacteria infested water well, and as the dry months were approaching it was only going to get worse and they would have to travel even further due to the wells drying up. As fundraising was going well for us, we wanted to assess the situation and see if we could assist these areas, as it sounds like a unique opportunity to work with Orphans + the elderly in deeply rural villages.

Thankfully we were able to raise enough money and we were able to do this project, providing life changing water for them & a life changing experience for us. Mary has been looking after Orphans for the past 23 years and has sheltered, educated and fed hundreds of people over the years with no government help, all funded by her very small monthly pay cheque.

OFL brought from Australia 94kg’s of donations including school books, pens and pencils, sporting uniforms, sport equipment & second hand clothes for everyone at the orphanage, which was all donated (Including the excess baggage fee at the airport!). Giving a child their first ever school pen & paper was a magical experience.

In 2014, we drilled our borehole, and at the time we thought it was a dry hole. Because of this we decided to put the funds into rehabilitating a borehole which was further away, but the next best option. After we completed this, the hole we had drilled opened up and turned out to be great. By this stage we had spent our money, so we promised to be back to complete it.

In 2016, we returned and completed what we had promised. We installed a brand new manual hand pump which will last for years to come. The community now have 2 pumps which services hundreds of people in the area all year round.

Since providing water, the people of the village have been growing vegetables & crops to create income & a source of food.

Thanks to Mary for all of her hard work to put them through school, the children have a bright and hopeful future.