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  • $5Can buy a new bucket for a lady to carry and safely store her clean water in
  • $10Buys a family essential seeds to grow fruits / vegetables which they can grow using the water we provide
  • $20Provides clean water from a manual pump for an entire school for one day
  • $50Provides clean water from a manual pump for a village for a whole week
  • $100Is the average cost to carry out pump maintenance to ensure sustainability for clean water in the future
  • $200Is the average costs to carry out ground water geological surveys - so we can find CLEAN WATER!
  • $500Will provide a water harvesting system to provide clean water to over 200 families
Tengwe Orphanage – Pump + Platform

Completed: January, 2017


Tengwe Orphanage, Zimbabwe

Supplying Water To

250 Community Members including the Orphanage

Project Type

Bush Pump Installation + Platform + Water Catchment Trough + Washing Area

Depth of Borehole: 40 Meters

Previous Water Source: From a Bush Pump we repaired in 2014 in the next village.

Project Inspiration: Back in 2014 – the entire area was collecting water from a dirty, shallow & unprotected well, or having to travel over 6 kilometers each way to the closest pump. Without transport this round-trip took hours. We drilled the hole in 2014, however the fractures took time to open up. As there wasn’t water in their initially – we thought it was a dry drill, so looked at other options to assist this community. Approximately 700 meters from the orphanage was a broken bush pump, so we refurbished this back to working condition. After completing the refurbishments, the ‘dry hole’ started to fill with water, however we had spent all of our money so our promise to them was to come back one day and complete the project.