100% of your donation goes directly towards lifesaving projects around the world!

Yep, 100%...Which gives you the peace of mind that your money is ACTUALLY changing someone’s life. Nothing would be possible without your support, which is why you will be able to follow and share the journey with us every step of the way.

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  • $5Can buy a new bucket for a lady to carry and safely store her clean water in
  • $10Buys a family essential seeds to grow fruits / vegetables which they can grow using the water we provide
  • $20Provides clean water from a manual pump for an entire school for one day
  • $50Provides clean water from a manual pump for a village for a whole week
  • $100Is the average cost to carry out pump maintenance to ensure sustainability for clean water in the future
  • $200Is the average costs to carry out ground water geological surveys - so we can find CLEAN WATER!
  • $500Will provide a water harvesting system to provide clean water to over 200 families


Our journey began in 2013 when we had a crazy idea that we wanted to start our own 100% non-for-profit charity…

3 years later + 2 trips to Africa + thousands of lives changed we are about to embark on our 3rd trip with the support from Kathmandu’s Adventure Sponsorship Program.

We’re an adventurous young couple from the Gold Coast- always seeking our next adventure in a foreign country. So when we came up with the idea to travel to remote villages in Zimbabwe and provide clean drinking water to those who need it most- it was the perfect travel adventure for us!

You might be thinking WHY WATER?

10556469_10152228409975756_2680273146503273961_n 1800413_10152228411025756_6298951646019710478_n

(This was where the women in the Tengwe Village were collecting

water for their families before we completed 2 water projects)

663 Million people on our planet lack access to safe & clean drinking water- this causes a child to die every 21 seconds! By providing clean & safe drinking water- we are also providing opportunities for improved education (particularly for young girls), better health, agriculture, economic growth + sustainable & bright futures.

In November this year, we will embark on a 3-month journey into the dry, dusty remote villages in Zimbabwe. Living in huts orP1040149 our Kathmandu tent, no clean water, no electricity, no shower or flushing toilet & limited connection to the outside world- this is what we will call home for the next 3 months.

Our water & Sanitation projects include finding ground water, deep in the earth surface using various modern technology & ancient traditions, drilling 40+ meters into the earth surface using huge drilling trucks & installing manual hand pumps which will supply clean & fresh water for years to come & working with the local communities to create sustainable outcomes.

Thanks to Kathmandu, they have generously prepared us with the best equipment &  10603874_10152357208035756_5621943084730772006_oclothing which will help us achieve our goals & be prepared for the extreme environments we will face in the African Summer.


We take a camera with us to capture the moments of our journey- from this we have created a 30-minute documentary to show people what life is like in a world which is so far from our own. We hope this video will assist with future fundraising & awareness of the water crisis we still face today. 100% of all donations we receive go directly towards the projects.

Check it out:

Stay tuned for updates in the exiting months leading up to our trip by subscribing & following our pages, or if you have any awesome fundraising ideas of your own please get in touch.

Let’s make a difference, one drop at a time!

Danielle & Micheal



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(Getting up close & personal with the wild life on a walking safari  |  The African sunset is unbelievably beautiful)